BACON & Cooked Meats

We supply proven Cooked Meat products of the best quality we’ve supplied over numerous years


We stock and source a wide selection of High Quality Burgers, to help you offer your customers the choice they’re looking for, with 2oz, 4oz, Quarter Pounder, Gourmet, Chicken, Vegetarian and Vegan options available.


We stock a full range of Catering Bangers, Chipolata’s , Cumberland and Lincolnshire Varieties

Linda McCartney Vegetarian range also available

Cheese & Dairy

We supply Catering sized Grated Bags and Blocks. Grated A variety of Sliced Options for Burger and Sandwiches And Brie Wheels from top quality suppliers.

Potato Products

We carry an Extensive range of Potato and Sweet Potato Products for all Catering needs including: Chips, Sweet Potato Fries, Wedges, Sauté Potatoes, Hash Browns, Potato Dippers, Smiles, Bubble and Squeak, Jacket and Roast Potatoes.

Frozen Vegetables

We carry a high quality selection of sliced and whole vegetables for all your trade needs.

Frozen Fish and Seafood

With Frozen Fish deemed to be just as Healthy as Fresh, we carry a vast range to cover all your bases, With Freshly flash frozen Skin-on Fillets, Breaded and Battered ranges

Frozen Pies & Puddings

We Stock a Full range from The Great British Pudding Company and Pukka Pies.


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Sandwich Fillings

We stock over 50 Classic Pre Mixed Sandwich Fillings to meet all your catering needs,

Supplied in 1 Kilogram tubs for ease of use and portioning.


With Pre Portioned Gateaux’s, Pie’s and Cheesecakes to Donuts, Flapjacks and Muffins.


Browse our range of Tinned Goods, Condiments and Sundries

Beverages and Drinks